A Letter to Our Interpreter on Flu Season

Dear Interpreter,

The Flu Season is around the corner and the Nation is trying to have a proactive role in preventing patients, medical staff and you from getting the Flu.

CCCS, Inc.™ is encouraging all of our interpreters to be vaccinated against influenza by November 30, 2012 and then each year annually.  Some customers may deny the services of interpreters who have not gotten the FLU vaccine. Others may required that interpreters wear a surgical mask for the duration of the influenza season (typically December 1-March 30) when working in or visiting a practice site and when within three (3) feet of contact with any patient(s).

Let’s reduce the transmission of the flu which begins with each of us and includes not only vaccination and masking, but also good hand hygiene and staying home when we are experiencing flu-like symptoms.

CCCS, Inc. is proudly joining more than 150 hospitals and health care systems across the nation by requesting a proactive take on encouraging each of us to take the flu vaccination after you have consulted with your personal primary care providers for any adverse concerns.

“In a typical year, more than 36,000 Americans die from seasonal flu.  While we can never predict what each flu season will bring, we know that getting vaccinated is one of the best methods we have for protecting our patients and ourselves.  Vaccination reduces the chances of spreading the flu to patients, colleagues, and visitors to our offices, and passing it on to our own families when we go home.” Copied from a customers’ email to CCCS, Inc. 9/13/2012

When you get the Flu vaccine, make sure that CCCS gets the official confirmation form stating you were vaccinated by mailing it to CCCS at: C/O Amanda Duross CCCS, Inc. PO Box 2308, Woburn MA 01888 or by faxing it to: (781) 729-1217. You may also want to keep a copy and carry it with you at all times.

If you have questions about the flu vaccine please visit the CDC website at http://www.cdc.gov/flu/index.htm


for more information. You may also wish to discuss specific questions about your own medical history and the flu vaccine with your doctor’s office.


Your partnership in assuring your safety is very much appreciated!


Amanda Duross, Fatuma Hassan and Stefanie diMeo