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NEW Session starting on June 22, 2020!

This course will be taught by a live teacher over an online conferencing platform. Click here for the schedule of this class.

5 potential scholarships from a local non-profit organization. Ask us about it!

To schedule a language screening or for more information about this session, email us at: or call us at: 781-729-3736 X- 110

CCCS Institute Looks forward to your success!

CCCS is still open for Business!

If you experience delays in our response, you are more than welcome to email us at:

Please ask us about alternative solutions to Face-to-face or Onsite Interpreting as well as translation services.

The CCCS Team hopes that you and your families stay safe in these challenging times!

CCCS is pleased to announce that it has added to its interpreting pool five new languages!

  • Swahili
  • Kinyarwanda
  • Lingala
  • Kirundi
  • Nepali

Register for the Art of Medical Interpretation® Certificate TODAY

Spring 2020

Mar. 6 – May. 9, 2019 (Martha’s Vineyard, MA)    Fridays 4:30PM – 7:30PM
Saturdays 10:00AM – 4:00PM
Please see flyers for more information

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T: 781.729.3736 X109 or X110 or 888.678.2227 (out of state)


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