Why Become a Translator

For many people the possibility of working as a Translator seems exciting and fascinating, but what exactly do they do? First, we must clarify that translators convert the meaning from one language to another in the written form. When this takes place orally it is called interpretation. One of the biggest advantages of working as a translator is that it is very common for translators to work out of their own homes as freelance translators. This allows them to have great flexibility as far as where they choose to live and their work schedule. Depending on your family situation this could be a very big benefit as you may not have to pay for daycare, or all the expenses related to travelling to and from work. Also another benefit is that if you work from home then you won’t have to fight traffic, saving frustration, time, and money.

In order to be a translator you also must think about your personality. Do I work well on my own? Am I good at meeting deadlines? Do I love words? If you answered yes to these questions then translation may be a good fit for you. Being a translator can be a very rewarding career if you have the necessary skills and if your personality matches the requirements for the profession.

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