Cross Cultural Communication Institute

Cross Cultural Communication Institute (CCCI) is a division of Cross Cultural Communication Systems, Inc.™ The purpose of our training institute is to offer a professional environment for students participating in CCCI’s interpreter training programs. This is in harmony with the mission of CCCS, Inc.™ to provide quality linguistic and cultural services to healthcare, educational, health and human services, legal and business institutions nationwide. CCCS, Inc.™ follows the guidelines for healthcare interpreting trainers as laid by the National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare (NCIHC).

Through the trainings, CCCI, the institute helps students find their centers as bilingual professionals to support their work in the interpreting field of healthcare, human services, educational, legal and other workforce areas while successfully managing their many life responsibilities. The institute’s teaching strategies are sensitive to the needs of adult learners, providing skill building and life coaching for a diverse student population.

We are confident that our interpreter training programs provide individuals the tools necessary to become competent and qualified interpreters, whether you are working with consecutive or simultaneous interpreting.  We also hope that you are motivated to pursue higher education in the healthcare field, human services or educational careers as a result of participating in our well-rounded interpreting training program. We also provide workshops and courses in order to help interpreters prepare themselves for both certifications. Some of these courses can be done online or at one of our schools. We offer certificates of accomplishment and attendance depending on the course.

CCCI and its faculty, staff and language coaches are committed to providing an equal educational opportunity to all students. One of the facets of the CCCI experience is the opportunity to learn in an environment where there are other individuals from varied backgrounds, languages and characteristics which include race, ethnicity, religion, spiritual beliefs, national origin, age, gender, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, disability and political affiliation.


Many of the following products are used in CCCI courses and can be purchased for individual use:


Introductory and standard level manuals present practice guidelines, medical terminology, disease information, exercises, diagrams, quizzes and role-plays, serving as an excellent tool for interpreters at all levels.


Videos are focused on giving the interpreter targeted training for specific skill building. We have a series on successful triadic encounters and another on mental health interpreting.

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For additional information regarding workshops, please contact:
CCCI Director
T: 781.729.3736 X109 or X110 or 888.678.2227 (out of state)