We can develop an interactive training approach to meet the needs of your group regardless of size. We have particular expertise in working with healthcare organizations. In addition to live trainings, we provide speakers for your Continuing Medical Education program, workshop or conference. All of our custom training can be offered at your location, or online live.  If you are interested in a customized program please contact us at 781.729.3736, 1.888.678.2227 (out of state) or by email at

Some of our topics include:

  • Cultural competency and effectiveness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effective communication when working with interpreters
  • Working with a diverse patient or employee population
  • Beginner and intermediate level language immersion programs
  • Sexual harassment
  • Advanced Healthcare Communication
  • Dual role interpreters


Course: Advanced Healthcare Communication

The nursing workforce is shrinking and as our baby boomer generation ages and the demand for healthcare services increases, we will likely see an increased number of nurses that have been born and trained outside the United States, being hired to work in our physician practices, hospitals and nursing homes. This 3-module program orients the foreign-educated nurse or nursing assistant in the critical elements of US healthcare communication. We cover advanced communication skills, relating with others and US health system perspectives. We can work with your organization to offer this on-site or individuals may attend regularly scheduled sessions in our location.


Course: Dual Role Interpreters

Many organizations look to bilingual individuals to help bridge the communication gap.  While this effort is very much a step forward, these bilingual workers need to be given tools in order to succeed as interpreters. We offer the specialized training that you need in order to improve communication and to help your institution comply with Federal and State standards.

If you are interested in more information, please contact us at 781.729.3736, 1.888.678.2227 or by email at


Professional Development

CCCS, Inc.™ is at the forefront of the movement to recognize and advance interpretation as a profession for multilingual and bicultural individuals and we have developed tools and programs to help interpreters enhance their skills. If you are interested in a customized program please contact us at 781.729.3736, 1.888.678.2227 (out of state) or by email at


The following list provides a sampling of CCCS, Inc.™/CCCI resources & tools. For additional information, please visit Products Page


Introductory and standard level manuals present practice guidelines, medical terminology, disease information, exercises, diagrams, quizzes and role-plays, serving as an excellent tool for interpreters at all levels.


Videos are focused on giving the interpreter targeted training for specific skill building. We have a series on successful triadic encounters and another on mental health interpreting.

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