Getting Ready For Your Written Certification Exam

Please note that this course was designed to prepare interpreters for both  written certification exams. However, students who already have passed the certification exam may want to use this course for Continuing Education Credits, and at the same time review important medical information. 

Currently there are two organizations that are presently offering national certification for healthcare interpreters. This is an exciting time for healthcare interpreters and many are looking to take advantage of the benefits that certification offers.
In order to help you prepare for the written portion of the exam we are proud to offer this online certification training.
Prerequisites for this written component:
• Picture ID confirming that applicant is 18 years of age or older.
• Proof of High School Graduation as a minimum.
• Proof of Healthcare Interpreting Certificate (40 hour minimum).
• Students need to meet the qualifying criteria for the certification exam that they wish to take.
After an applicant has been accepted to the course, they will have to register online in order to take the course, by following the steps outlined. Students have thirty days to complete the course.
Students registering for this course are expected to be knowledgeable in the following areas:
• Eleven main body systems
• Common illnesses
• Common procedures
• Interpreter standards by the IMIA, NCIHC and CHIA
Description of Training:
This course will help prepare active qualified healthcare interpreters for both of the national certification written exams. In order to simulate the written certification exams, students will have the opportunity to take online tests. This course will help prepare the student to get the feel of how the certification exam will be presented and will allow them to receive instant feedback on their progress. Students will be able to use these exams as a tool to help gauge their progress, and as an indicator to help them determine their readiness for the certification exam.
This review course will focus on four main modules:
i. Test Taking Techniques:  Different strategies that can be used when taking a written exam.  Students will have the opportunity to practice test taking.
ii. Interpreting Standards: Practical applications of the IMIA, NCIHC and the CHIA Interpreter standards through case studies. This will not only include a review of the ethics but will encourage the students to use critical thinking so as to learn how to best handle difficult situations when they arise.
iii. Medical Terminology: A practical review of medical terminology. The students will be introduced or re-introduced to how medical words are comprised and how the Samurai! Technique is an effective way to break down complex medical words.
iv. Review of 11 main Body Systems: The Systems are: 1- Cells, Skin and Epithelium, 2-Skeletal, 3-Muscular, 4-Nervous, 5-Endocrine, 6-Cardiovascular, 7-Immune, 8-Respiratory, 9-Digestive, 10-Urinary, and 11- Human Life Cycle.  In this module, faculty will include how each system functions along with key terms and conditions and procedures associated with the particular system.
Online: As of December, 2011, students will be able to take the training online, and they will have up to thirty days to complete course.
Course Fees:
Tuition:                              $199.00
Application Fee:             $  10.00
No discounts may be applied to this training.
The American Translators Association has approved this training program for 3 Continuing Education Points, and by the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) for 2 Continuing Education Units. 
Student’s Responsibilities for Each Class:
1. A comprehensive Atlas of Anatomy. CCCS recommends The Human Body, by Charles Clayman MD, produced by DK Publishing.  This Atlas can be purchased online and usually costs $20.00 or less, when purchased second hand.
2. Pay full tuition before completing registration process. 
3. Your login information.  When you register, you will be given an enrollment key that will allow you to create your own online account for this course.
Students will receive a certificate of attendance within one week of successfully completing the training.


Zarita Araujo-Lane, LICSW, President and founder of Cross Cultural Communication Systems, Inc., is a Primary Instructor for Interpreting in Mental Health Settings, and serves as an adjunct instructor in our other classes. She has over 25 years experience working with cross-cultural populations in medical and mental health organizations. Ms. Araujo-Lane was the director of a mental health cross-cultural team for over ten years at Health and Education Services in the North Shore area. She has published articles on cross-cultural management including chapters written in 1996 and 2005 on “Portuguese Families” for the second and third editions of the book, Ethnicity and Family Therapy, by Monica McGoldrick. Ms. Araujo-Lane leads the creative team responsible for the development of The Art of Medical Interpretation training material series, and has authored multiple articles for publications of the American Translators Association and other scholarly journals.

Vera Duarte, a Primary Instructor for medical interpretation courses, holds a BA and MA in Foreign Language Education from universities in Portugal and an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts. Ms. Duarte is certified by the Massachusetts Department of Education to teach ESL to grades 5-12. She currently teaches ESL, World Literature, and Medical Interpretation at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in Cambridge, MA.
Amanda Duross, as the CCCS Director of Interpreter Resource and Quality Assurance, is responsible for maintaining the high standards of quality interpretation for which CCCS has become renowned. She chairs the Critical Incident Team and conducts the follow-up with interpreters and customers for all reported incidents. Ms. Duross is also the Language Coach Coordinator and recruits trained and qualified interpreters for CCCS freelance interpreting assignments. She is a trained medical interpreter, is fluent in Portuguese and conversational in Spanish. Ms. Duross successfully completed the Intensive Art of Medical Interpretation course at CCCI before joining CCCS, Inc. in 2006.
Andrew Jerger, a Primary Instructor for medical interpretation courses, is an experienced interpreter and instructor. He spent 11 years in the Dominican Republic, teaching public speaking courses in Spanish, English language classes and Spanish reading and writing classes. Mr. Jerger successfully completed the Art of Medical Interpretation course at CCCI and went on to become a language coach before joining CCCI faculty in 2009.
Dr. Richard S. Lane, a bilingual guest instructor in the medical interpretation courses, is an Internist in the Extended Care Facility Program at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates of Boston, Massachusetts. His interests include the doctor/patient relationship, teaching interview skills to medical students and residents, cross-cultural communication in medicine, care of elderly patients in rehabilitation and sub-acute units, and palliative medicine and hospice care at End of Life. He became board certified in Palliative Care and Hospice Medicine in 2005.
For more information, please contact Linda at 781-497-5066 or
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