How we stand above the rest

We have raised the bar by providing innovative, high quality services through our unique understanding of the needs of the language industry. Our success stems from our understanding the unique needs of LEP (Limited English Proficient) consumers, the perspective of service providers, and the skills required of our interpreters and translators, and from creating an environment of effective communication among key stakeholders in the process of providing equal service access to all.

CCCS, Inc.TM has developed innovative interpreter training programs as well as multiple tools and manuals for the healthcare industry. CCCS, Inc.TM continues to maintain our high professional standards and our promise to our customers, by screening our interpreters and assuring that they continue to grow professionally through our training and development programs that include monthly quizzes and on-going feedback from our Quality Assurance Team.

Although CCCS, Inc.TM is a small business, our business model is that of a large business providing a seamless organizational structure while at the same time applying a holistic approach to everything we do to better serve each organization’s needs.

CCCS, Inc.TM has assisted in establishing industry standards for quality interpreting and translation services that set us apart from others in the industry:

  • Innovative approach to catering to language industry needs
  • High professional standards in serving the healthcare, legal, educational and business communities
  • Industry specific tools and manuals developed by CCCS, Inc.TM experts when training and hiring professional interpreters
  • Quality Assurance Program that focuses on monitoring, providing feedback, and incorporating needed changes
  • Rigorous hiring and well-structured training practices to ensure that we contract only the most qualified, reliable…knowledgeable and capable interpreters and translators
  • Quick response to all inquiries
  • Cost Effective strategies for businesses
  • Tailored reports for data collection

Customer Focused
All of these elements alone are only a part of the picture. Our commitment is to provide you with a customized language solution and impeccable service that exceeds your expectations. We go to great lengths to ensure that every encounter you have with CCCS, Inc.TM makes you feel like you are with friends.
To us, business is always personal.