HIV/AIDS Knowledge for Healthcare Interpreters

NEW! HIV/AIDS Knowledge for Healthcare Interpreters
4-hour Certificate of Attendance Online Course for Advanced Skills (E-Learning Course) [HIV04OL].


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and it is highly recommended that students have interpreting experience and are trained interpreters.

Brief Description

This online course is designed to help you understand the HIV/AIDS landscape in the United States from basic scientific information to diagnosis, prevention, treatment, counseling, including cultural aspects that impact the delivery of services to HIV patients. The course consists of modules covering the following topics: overview of HIV/AIDS in the United States counseling and testing, medical terminology, stigma, sensitive topics, social issues, reporting and notification requirements, modes of transmission, prevention, sexual behavior, cultural issues as well as a glossary and a list of resources for future reference. Each and every module was developed with a special focus on how the interpreter should integrate HIV/AIDS knowledge in the delivery of a complete and accurate interpretation that meets ethical requirements and standards of practice. Mastery of the topics covered in this course will enhance effectiveness as a competent and professional interpreter. Modules include case studies, quizzes, handouts and additional resources for future reference. It is recommended that all students complete all activities under each module in order to get the most out of the course. The goal of the activities is to provide opportunities to integrate newly acquired knowledge into practical interpreting skills.


Total: $75.00
Tuition: $75.00
Non-refundable Administrative Fee: $3.75

Dates & Locations

4-hour Online Course for Advanced Skills (30-day subscription)



Curriculum Developer

Dr. Dharma E. Cortés, PhD



Contact Information

For additional information regarding courses, please contact:
CCCI Director
T: 781.729.3736 X110 or X109 or 888.678.2227 (out of state)