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The Art of Medical Interpretation® – THIRD EDITION

This 14-lesson comprehensive manual for foreign language interpreters is the result of 20 years of teaching, consulting and collecting feedback from users of our two former editions. It is designed to support educators and trainers in teaching linguistically qualified adult learners.

The manual was carefully developed by a team of bilingual educators, interpreters, providers, interpreter managers and legal consultants with specific knowledge of Title VI and HIPAA. It elicits students’ knowledge as individuals and encourages reflection through critical thinking exercises which guide students through an incredible journey of enhancing knowledge, developing key interpreting skills, as well as a great understanding of both ethical and cultural variants in the real life triadic encounter.

Through over 90 role-plays and case studies, body diagrams, matching exercises and quizzes, students will apply tools to facilitate interpreting skills, as well as to develop a basic understanding of main body systems, common medical procedures, common illnesses, different types of pain, immunizations and medical professionals, while expanding their knowledge on medical terminology.

For an additional fee, CCCI/CCCS, Inc.™ is available to consult future trainers on how to use the manual, on curriculum development and rubrics.

ISBN: 978-0-9817236-4-8

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Tips for the Freelance Medical Interpreter

11×17 full-color poster outlines helpful tips for the freelance medical interpreter. Perfect as a gift for your favorite interpreter or on display in your training institute or interpreter services department!

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Meeting the Challenge of Delivering Culturally Competent Services: Using Names as Tools

In this first installment of Meeting the Challenge of Delivering Culturally Competent Services, we explore use of names as a key to improved communication with patients, students, employees and coworkers. This eye-opening 17-minute presentation outlines the linguistic and cultural implications of a name, and demonstrates how the few minutes it takes to master the pronunciation of a name will generate much in the way of better relationships in the workplace, classroom, and healthcare setting

ISBN: 978-0-975-3383-9-1

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